Lockouts can happen to anybody regardless of the time of day. We understand this and pride ourselves on our gain entry service. We aim to attend to your property quickly to open your door through the most appropriate method. Our locksmiths will attempt to open the lock without causing any damage to it.

If damage does result (through the use of drilling the lock) the locksmith will often carry a viable replacement barrel to maintain the property’s security. In the event you are locked out due to the key being left on the inside of the lock we commonly use letterbox tools to open it. It is a useful method carrying a high success rate.

The same principles apply for broken locks you cannot open. We can conduct a repair or replacement of the faulty part. This extends to locks, night latches, window or door handles or multi-point locking mechanisms for windows or doors.

Our Services

  • Gain entry to windows, doors and cabinets
  • Repair or replacement of locks, night latches, handles or multi-point locking systems
  • Fresh fitting of new locks to wooden doors or windows
  • Repair or replacement of hinges
  • Adjustment of un-aligned doors
  • Gain entry to safes
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